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Ulster Chamber Music Series, Kingston, New York

Board of Directors ~ 2015

G. Thomas Keehn, President

Karen Hinderstein, Vice-President

Lydia Newcombe, Treasurer

Cecelia Keehn, Secretary



Jane Barsumian

Patricia Berlanga

David L. Bronson

Karl Kelbaugh

Joseph LaRusso

Willa Loescher

Jill McLaughlin

Susan Rafkind

Allison Rubin

Kay Sutka

Kathleen Thomas


Honorary Members

Dr. Linda Delgado-Baker

Agnes Kelly

Nadia Shepard

Paula Silbey

Patricia Stedge

Melva J. Wade

Doris R. Wilkie, Past Chair



Dr. Mary Jane Corry

Kurt Grishman


Board of Directors Advisor, Kurt Grishman is fond of telling us what a delight it is to work with this board because many of the board members are musicians who understand the beauty and the richness of chamber music.

Foreground, l-r Cecelia Keehn, Mary Jane Corry, Joseph LaRusso
Standing behind piano, l-r Karl Kelbaugh, Willa Loescher, Lydia Newcombe, Thomas Keehn
Standing behind Rail, l-r Karen Hinderstein, Kay Sutka, Kathleen Thomas, David Bronson
Missing from photo – Patricia Berlanga, Denise Springer, Barbara Scanlan, Kurt Grishman, Advisor

Honorary Board Members: Linda Delgado-Baker, Mary Johnston, Dr. Melva Wade, Dorthy Schuler, Agnes Kelly, Nadia Shepard, Doris Wilkie





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