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Coach House Players Show History

This database lists people who have appeared on Coach House Players' stage since 1951. It also lists directors, musical directors, choreographers, and some production staff (production managers, stage managers, assistant stage managers, set designers, lighting designers, and costume designers.)

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I have endeavored to make this site reflect as accurately as possible the people who participated in each Coach House Players production. In cases where the same person is listed in different shows under different names (due to aliases, pseudonyms, name changes due to marriage, etc.,) I have listed them under their current name to the best of my knowledge, with a note specifying the name that was listed in the program [e.g. Mary Smith (as Mary Hartman.)] I also specify the alternate names they are listed under on their own page [e.g. sometimes listed as: Mary Hartman.]

I would also like to thank Jeff Wilson, webmaster of County Players, Wappingers Falls, NY, who created, implemented and supported this data base application and those who contributed input to this data base to make it as complete as possible.

To submit information, email the data base administrator, Mike Harelick, at:

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