Seat Restoration Project

June 2001 -- 2002 ~ Coach House Players, Kingston, NY

Theater seats being discarded by UPAC were salvaged by Coach House.
Jake Croswell, a local upholsterer, conducted a seat re-assembly workshop at Coach House.
These are photos of before, during and after the reassembly. [Photos of Jake's workshop coming soon.]
Also a few photos of fund-raising activities.
Photos courtesty of Terri Dwyer.

scan0001a1168_small.jpg scan0001b1170_small.jpg scan0003a_small.jpg scan0003b1159_small.jpg scan0004a1161_small.jpg scan0004b796_small.jpg
scan0006a_small.jpg scan0006b_small.jpg scan0007a_small.jpg scan0007b_small.jpg scan0008a_small.jpg scan0008b_small.jpg
scan0009a_small.jpg scan0009b_small.jpg scan0010a_small.jpg scan0010b_small.jpg scan0011a_small.jpg scan0011b_small.jpg
scan0012a_small.jpg scan0012b_small.jpg scan0013a_small.jpg scan0013b_small.jpg scan0014a_small.jpg scan0014b_small.jpg
scan0015a_small.jpg scan0015b_small.jpg scan0016a_small.jpg scan0016b_small.jpg