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Show Photographs

Video Date Program/Flyers *Press
Season 69 Ad Journal

Showboat Driftwood Reunion
Albums:   Publicity, Rehearsal & Backstage photos   ~  Cast photos
08/2019 Program  Flyer

Albums:   Publicity, Rehearsal & Backstage photos   ~  Cast photos
07/2019 Program  Flyer
Murder on the Nile
Albums:   Publicity, Rehearsal & Backstage photos (Terry Dwyer & Tom Muller)   ~  Set photos   ~  Cast photos  
04/2019 Program  Flyer Preview *
Online version
Sunday Life *
Online version
Season 68 Ad Journal [PDF]   *AJ
A Shayna Maidel
Albums:   Publicity, Rehearsal & Backstage photos (Terry Dwyer & Sue Regan)
 ~  Cast photos
(Jasmin Mitchell, et. al.)     
11/2018 Program  Flyer Preview *
Printed version
Freeman Entertainment
Online version

Online webpage
Kingston Times
Kingston Happenings  w 
2018 Variety Show "Treasury of the Familiar"
    Rehearsal & Backstage photos  (Mike Curtis, Bob Jones & Sue Regan)
   ~  Cast photos
(Sue Regan, et. al.) 
08/2018 Program  Flyer Preview *
Printed version
Online version
Barnum, the Circus Musical
Albums:   Rehearsal & Backstage photos (Jamie Gregerson, Marge Bennett)
 ~  Cast photos
(Sue Regan, et. al.)   ~   Publicity (Terri Dwyer)   
07/2018 Program  Flyer Preview *
Printed version
Online version
A Murder is Announced
 ~  Cast photos
(Jerry Curtis)   ~   Publicity (Terri Dwyer)   
04/2018 Program  Flyer
Season 67 Ad Journal [PDF]   *AJ
Little Shop of Horrors  
Albums:   Performance, Backstage & Rehearsal photos Stills  
 ~  Cast photos
11/2017 Program  Flyer
2017 Variety Show "Hit Parade 1950s"
    Rehearsal & Backstage photos  (Marge Bennett and Mary Thayer)
   ~  Cast photos (Tracey Buzzanco, Jasmin Mitchell)

08/2017 Program  Flyer
Pride & Prejudice  
Albums:   Rehearsal Stills (Kingston Happenings and Jasmin Mitchell)
 ~  Cast photos  (Jasmin Mitchell)
 ~  Backstage at the Coach House   (Paula Lucas) 
 ~  Pride & Prejudice Sketchbook  (Kevin Nordstrom)
7/2017 Program  Flyer Preview *
The Enchanted Cottage  
Albums:   Rehearsal & Backstage Photos (Cheyenne Mitchell & Susan Regan)
  ~  Cast photos  (Cheyenne Mitchell)
YouTube 4/2017 Program  Flyer Preview *
Printed version
Online version
Season 66 Ad Journal [PDF]   *AJ
Phantom of the Country Opera 
   Rehearsal Stills (Tracey Buzzanco)  ~  Cast photos  (Tracey Buzzanco)
Rehearsal  Opening Night Onstage and Backstage (Marge Bennett)
 Backstage Photos (Sue Regan)  
11/2016 Program  Flyer
2016 Variety Show "Hootenanny"
   Performance Photos   ~ Rehearsal Stills   ~  Cast photos (Tracey Buzzanco)
   ~   Publicity (Terri Dwyer)   
08/2016 Program  Flyer
Natalie Needs a Nightie  
   Rehearsal Stills (Tracey Buzzanco)  &   Publicity (Terri Dwyer)  ~
Rehearsal Stills (Sue Regan)  ~  Cast photos  (Tracey Buzzanco)  
07/2016 Program  Flyer
California Suite
   Rehearsal Stills (Tracey Buzzanco)  ~  Cast photos  (Tracey Buzzanco)
   ~   Publicity (Kevin Godbey, Terri Dwyer)   
04/2016 Program  Flyer Preview *
Season 65 Ad Journal [PDF]   *AJ
   Rehearsal Stills  ~  Cast photos  (Jasmin Mitchell)
   ~   Publicity (Terri Dwyer)   
YouTube 11/2015 Program  Flyer
2015 Variety Show "The Roaring Twenties"
   Rehearsal Stills   ~  Cast photos (Tracey Buzzanco)
   ~   Publicity (Terri Dwyer)   
08/2015 Program  Flyer
The Hollow
    Rehearsal Stills  ~  Cast photos (Tracey Buzzanco)
   ~   Publicity (Terri Dwyer)   
07/2015 Program  Flyer Preview *
The Fox on the Fairway 
    Rehearsal Stills  ~  Cast photos (Tracey Buzzanco)
04/2015 Program  Flyer Preview *
Season 64 Ad Journal [PDF]   *AJ
I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
   Rehearsal Stills  ~  Cast photos (Tracey Buzzanco)
11/2014 Program  Flyer Preview  *
2014 Variety Show "Class Reunion"
   Show Onstage, Backstage & Cast Party (Marge Bennett)
~  Rehearsal Stills
 ~  Cast photos (Tracey Buzzanco)
08/2014 Program  Flyer
The Second Time Around
   Publicity  (Terri Dwyer)    ~   Cast photos  (Tracey Buzzanco) 
07/2014 Program  Flyer Preview *
Death by Fatal Murder
Albums:   Rehearsal (including cast photos & heaed shots Tracey Buzzanco)
   ~  Rehearsal (Rae Bottino)
   ~   Publicity (Terri Dwyer)   
04/2014 Flyer Announce
[Kgn Life]
Season 63 Ad Journal [PDF]   *AJ
Postcard  Flyer
They're Playing Our Song
   Rehearsal (Tracey Buzzanco)   ~  Rehearsal (Phillis McCabe)
    ~   Cast photos
11/2013 Program  Flyer Preview *
2013 Variety Show "The Pub - Revisited"
   Dress Rehearsal Stills  ~  Cast photos
08/2013 Program  Flyer
Secondary Cause of Death
07/2013 Program
Flyer 1  Flyer2 
Over the River and Through the Woods
Albums:  PerformanceCast photos ~ Rehearsal  
04/2013 Program  Flyer
Season 62 Ad Journal [PDF]   *AJ
Lust 'n Rust:  The Trailer Park Musical
   Rehearsal Stills ~  More Rehearsal Stills Cast photos
YouTube 11/2012 Program  Flyer
2012 Variety Show "The Pub"
   Performance  ~  Rehearsal Stills  ~  Warmup & Cast Party
YouTube ? 08/2012 Program  Flyer
Murdered to Death
Albums:  Performance  ~  More  ~  Cast photos ~ Rehearsal Stills 
YouTube ? 07/2012 Program  Flyer
Nana's Naughty Knickers
Albums:  Dress Rehearsal ~  Cast photos .
YouTube ? 04/2012 Program  Flyer
Season 61
Something's Afoot
Albums:  PerformanceCast photos ~ Rehearsal  
YouTube ? 11/2011 Program/Flyer
2011 Variety Show
Albums: Dress RehearsalOpening night
YouTube ? 09/2011 Program/Flyer
Bell, Book and Candle

YouTube ? 07/2011 Program/Flyer
The Curious Savage
Web album or Jalbum slideshow
YouTube ? 04/2011 Program/Flyers
Season 60 Go to top of this page
60th Anniversary Musical Revue YouTube ? 11/2010 Program/Flyer Preview   *
(Times HR)
2010 Variety Show YouTube ? 09/2010 Program
On Golden Pond
Web album or Jalbum slideshow
YouTube ? 07/2010 Program/Flyer Review
(Times HR)
Murder by Natural Causes 04/2010 Program
Season 59
Play It Again Sam 11/2009 Program Review
(Times HR)[j]
2009 Variety Show 08/2009 Program
Lucky Stiff [full set] 07/2009 Program
Harvey [full set] 04/2009 Program/Flyer
Season 58
Relative Values  11/2008 Program
Variety Show 09/2008 Program
Singing in the Rain  [full set] 07/2008 Program
Wait Until Dark  [full set] 04/2008 Program Review *
Season 57
High Society [full set] YouTube ? 11/2007 Program
I Remember Mama [full set] 07/2007 Program/Flyer Review
(Times HR) [j]
Steel Magnolias 04/2007 Program/Flyer
Season 56
Bells Are Ringing 11/2006 Program
Black Coffee
Albums:   Cast photos ~ Dress Rehearsal  ~ Early Rehearsals  
07/2006 Program
Brighton Beach Memoirs 04/2006 Program
Season 55 Go to top of this page
That's Entertainment
(aka 55th Anniversary Musical Review)
11/2005 Program
And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little 06/2005 Program
Mary, Mary 03/2005 Program
Season 54
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 10/2004 Program
Hay Fever ??/2004 Program
Almight God Bierce 04/2004 Program
Forever Plaid 03/2004 Program
Season 53
Social Security 10/2003 Program
Barefoot in the Park 06/2003 Program
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 03/2003 Program/Flyer Press *
Season 52
Agnes of God 09/2002 Program
Playing the Palace 06/2002 Program
Love, Sex, and the IRS 03/2002 Program Review  *
Season 51
Meet Me in St. Louis 05/2001 Program
Moon Over Buffalo 02/2001 Program
Murder Once Removed 11/2000 Program
Season 50 Go to top of this page
Last of the Red Hot Lovers 07/2000 Missing
50th Anniversary Musical Review 06/2000 Program
The Second Lady 02/2000 Program
Murder Takes the Stage 11/1999 Partial Program *SB
Season 49
The Fantasticks 07/1999 Program
Arsenic and Old Lace 05/1999 Program
Murder on the Nile 02/1999 Program
The Mystery of Edwin Drood  Cast photos 11/1998 Program
Season 48
Come Blow Your Horn 05/1998 Program
Rumors 05/1998 Program
Brigadoon 11/1997 Program
Season 47
Carousel 05/1997 Program
The Matchmaker 02/1997 Program
Ten Little Indians 11/1996 Program
Season 46
The World Goes 'Round 08/1996 Program
Li'l Abner 05/1996 Program
I Hate Hamlet 02/1996 Program
Nunsense 11/1995 Program
Season 45 Go to top of this page
Godspell 08/1995 Program
Death Takes a Holiday 05/1995 Program
Lend Me A Tenor 03/1995 Program
I Take This Man 02/1995 Missing
42nd Street 11/1994 Program
Season 44
Musical review (To Hollywood from Broadway) 06/1994 Program
The Dining Room 04/1994 Program *AJ
The [Female] Odd Couple 01/1994 Program *AJ
Me & My Girl 11/1993 Program *AJ
Season 43
The Light in the Mill 05/1993 Program *AJ
Bless Me Father 02/1993 Program *AJ
70, Girls, 70 11/1992 Program *AJ
Season 42 Ad Journal *AJ
Irene 05/1992 Program *AJ
Sea Marks 02/1992 Program *AJ
Sly Fox 11/1991 Program *AJ
Season 41 Ad Journal *AJ
Exit the Body 05/1991 Program *AJ
Spider's Web 02/1991 Program *AJ
Pajama Game 11/1990 Program *AJ
Season 40 Ad Journal *AJ Go to top of this page
40th Anniversary Musical Review 05/1990 Program
Social Security 03/1990 Program *AJ
The Runner Stumbles 01/1990 Program *AJ
Guys & Dolls 11/1989 Program
Season 39 Ad Journal *AJ
Charlie's Aunt 05/1989 Program *AJ
On Golden Pond 02/1989 Program/Poster *AJ
Man of La Mancha 11/1988 Program *AJ
Season 38
Don't Drink the Water 05/1988 Program
All my Sons 02/1988 Program
Anything Goes 11/1987 Program Press *
Season 37
Deathtrap 05/1987 Program
Morning's at Seven 02/1987 Program
The Music Man 11/1986 Program
Season 36
You Can't Take it With You 05/1986 Program
My Three Angels 02/1986 Program
Carnival 11/1985 Program
Season 35 Ad Journal *AJ Go to top of this page
Dracula 05/1985 Program *AJ
Twelve Angry Men 05/1985 Program *AJ
Kiss Me Kate 11/1984 Program *AJ
Season 34
The Sound of Music 05/1984 Program
Blithe Spirit 03/1984 Program
A Streetcar Named Desire 11/1983 Program
Season 33
Once Upon a Mattress 05/1983 Program
Dial M for Murder 03/1983 Program
South Pacific 11/1982 Program
Season 32
Inherit the Wind 05/1982 Program
God's Favorite 02/1982 Program
Oklahoma! 11/1981 Program
Season 31
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 05/1981 Program
Night Watch 02/1981 Program
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
[dress rehearsal] [Toga party]
11/1980 Program
Season 30 Go to top of this page
The Miracle Worker 05/1980 Program
Cactus Flower 02/1980 Program
Hello Dolly!   [large] [medium] 11/1979 Program
Season 29
Come Blow Your Horn 05/1979 Program
Design for Murder 02/1979 Program
Annie Get Your Gun 11/1978 Program
Season 28
Arsenic and Old Lace 05/1978 Program
Barefoot in the Park 02/1978 Program
Brigadoon 12/1977 Program
Season 27
Musical Review 10/1977 Program
Never Too Late 05/1977 Program
I Never Sang for My Father 02/1977 Program
George M! 11/1976 Program
Season 26
The Gazebo 05/1976 Program
A Thurber Carnival 02/1976 Program
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying 11/1975 Program
Season 25 Go to top of this page
Send Me No Flowers 05/1975 Program
Suddenly Last Summer/No Exit 02/1975 Program
Bells are Ringing 11/1974 Program
Season 24
Anything Goes 05/1974 Program
The Mousetrap 02/1974 Program Tempo (1) *
Tempo (2) plus
Lovers and Other Strangers 11/1973 Program
Season 23
Black Comedy 05/1973 Program
Wait Until Dark 02/1973 Program
Fiddler on the Roof 11/1972 Program
Season 22
Middle of the Night 05/1972 Program
Absence of a Cello 02/1972 Program
Mame 11/1971 Program
Season 21
Sunday in New York 05/1971 Program
Dark at the Top of the Stairs 02/1971 Program
The Sound of Music 11/1970 Program
Season 20 Go to top of this page
Don't Drink the Water 05/1970 Program
The Star Spangled Girl 02/1970 Program
The King and I 11/1969 Program
Season 19
The Great Sebastians 05/1969 Program
Picnic 02/1969 Program 
Finian's Rainbow 11/1968 Program
Season 18
Paint Your Wagon 05/1968 Program
A Hatful of Rain 02/1968 Program
Goodbye Charlie 11/1967 Program
Season 17
The Pajama Game 05/1967 Program
John Brown's Body 02/1967 Program
Critic's Choice 11/1966 Program
Season 16 Ad Journal *AJ
Guys & Dolls 05/1966 Program*AJ
The Desperate Hours 02/1966 Program *AJ
Enter Laughing 11/1965 Program *AJ
Season 15 Ad Journal *AJ Go to top of this page
South Pacific 04/1965 Program *AJ
The Potting Shed 02/1965 Program *AJ
Strange Bedfellows 11/1964 Program *AJ
Season 14 Ad Journal *AJ
Say, Darling 05/1964 Program *AJ
Anastasia 02/1964 Program *AJ Review  *
Ah, Wilderness! 11/1963 Program *AJ
Season 13 Ad Journal *AJ
King of Hearts 05/1963 Program *AJ
The Pleasure of His Company 05/1963 Program *AJ
Visit to a Small Planet 11/1962 Program *AJ
Season 12 Ad Journal *AJ
The Time of the Cuckoo 05/1962 Program *AJ
The Unexpected Guest 02/1962 Program *AJ
Separate Table 11/1961 Program *AJ Announce +
Season 11 Ad Journal *AJ
Janus 05/1961 Program *AJ
Summer and Smoke 02/1961 Program *AJ
Sabrina Fair 11/1960 Program *AJ
Season 10 Ad Journal *AJ Go to top of this page
Bell, Book, and Candle 05/1960 Program *AJ Press *
Three One-Act Plays 03/1960
Night Must Fall 02/1960 Program *AJ Press *
The Curious Savage 11/1959 Program *AJ
Season 9 Ad Journal *AJ
My Three Angels 05/1959 Program *AJ
High Ground 03/1959 Program *AJ
Black Chiffon 11/1958 Program *AJ
Season 8
Anniversary Waltz 05/1958 Program *AJ
Guest in the House 02/1958 Program *AJ
The Vinegar Tree 11/1957 Program *AJ
Season 7
The Crucible 05/1957 Program *AJ
The Tender Trap 03/1957 Program *AJ
Ladies in Retirement 11/1956 Program *AJ
Season 6
Love Me Long 05/1956 Missing
Night of January 16th 03/1956 Missing
The Happy Time 11/1955 Missing
Season 5 Go to top of this page
The Great Big Doorstep ??/1955 Missing
Blithe Spirit ??/1955 Missing
House Without Windows ??/1955 Missing
Three's a Family ??/1954 Missing
Season 4 Ad Journal *AJ
Harvey ??/1954 Missing
The Little Foxes ??/1954 Missing
Affairs of State 01/1954 Missing
Angel Street 10/1953 Program *AJ
Season 3
Mr. Barry's Etchings ??/1953 Missing
The Willow and I ??/1953 Missing
Grammercy Ghost 11/1952 Missing
Season 2
For Love or Money ??/1952 Missing
Silver Whistle ??/1952 Missing
Chicken Every Sunday ??/1951 Missing
Season 1 Go to top of this page
Strange Bedfellows ??/1951 Missing
The Alarm Clock ??/1951 Missing
See How They Run ??/1950 Missing
Cast & Set Photos
Cast & Set 1950 -- 1978 (black & white)
Cast & Set 1979 -- 2000
Cast & Set 2001 -- present
Off Stage Activites
Fesiwig Festival at Saugerties Ballet Center (Nov 8) 11/2014
A Christmas Carol with David Rubenstein 12/2013
Christmas Caroling at the Academy Green 2013 11/2013
Christmas Caroling at the Academy Green 2012 11/2012
Kingston Classic 10K Run 04/2012
Christmas Caroling at the Academy Green 2011 11/2011
St Patrick's Day Parade 2011  [more] 03/2011
Christmas Caroling at UPAC 2009 & 2010 12/2010
2003 Mystery Cruise ??/2003
George Betts Coach House Tour YouTube 10/1988
Forum Toga Party 11/1980
Company Projects
Fall Coach House Attic Cleanup 10/2012
Door Painting Project 06/2011
Seat Restoration Project 06/2001
Coach House for non-Coach House Players Events
St Valentine's Day Massacre (Numrich Arms) c. 1989
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