Plot Summary

Crossing Delancey Plot Summary

Isabelle (aka Izzy) is a Jewish New York City woman who is “still single”.   The fact that she has not yet found her mate and married greatly disturbs her “larger than life” octogenarian grandmother.  Bubbie (aka Ida) decides to “help out” with the situation, and hires matchmaker Hannah, a large woman with a huge appetite for both food and making a living finding others romance.  Hannah decides to introduce Izzy to Sam, a “pickle man” who proudly sells “the best pickles in the world”.  Sam is a totally sweet, honest, “nice Jewish boy” and really is perfect for Isabelle.  He adores her.  Isabelle, however, works in a book store and has passion for her work…, and for writer Tyler.  She fantasizes finding a relationship with him.  Self-centered Tyler doesn’t know she exists.  He does, however, autograph the copies of all his books that Izzy has bought.  There are twists and turns, hopes and disappointments, until Isabelle finally ends up with her true love (and more than likely, all the pickles she can ever eat for the rest of her life)!

The movie version of Crossing Delancey was very popular in the 80’s.  The play version (you can find both on youtube) is much better both in plot and character development.


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