About Us

About Coach House Players


Coach House Players was formed as a New York state non-profit corporation in 1950.  Its main objectives are “to sponsor and promote a little theater movement for the education and training of its members in all phases of the dramatic arts” and “to foster the development in the community of an appreciation of the theater…”  Our name comes from the building that we purchased at the same time, the former coach house from the estate of Samuel D. Coykendall, at one time a prominent Kingston industrialist.

We produce 3-4 plays each year and participate in many community activities, such as the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Singing on the Strand, and nursing home visits.  Our primary source of funding is revenue from the sale of tickets to our performances, supplemented by modest ($10) annual membership dues, donations, bequests, and occasional grant awards.  Each year we award monetary scholarships to local students who are pursuing an education in the arts.


A set of Bylaws, approved by the general membership, defines the basic structure of the organization, which is led by a nine-member Board of Directors (one-third elected each year).  The Board develops and approves Policies, which provide general direction to all members.  Executive positions, most filled from among the Board members, are also elected annually.

The Board has also developed a set of job descriptions, covering both ongoing organization positions and the production positions which are newly filled for each show.  These define some 40 different jobs that must be filled for the successful creation of the theater experience.

All members are required to be active participants in the organization and none are paid for their contributions.  Their reward comes from the applause of our audiences and the respect of their peers.

An invitation

If you have skills in any of the theater arts (or would be willing to learn such skills) and can make a commitment to the creation of good theater, we encourage you to join us.  Come to any of the auditions or general meetings listed on our calendar, or contact our current President,  and let us know how you would like to contribute to the ongoing realization of our objectives.