Bios & Headshots

Bios & Headshots

The following is only for those who have been cast in a production.

Your photo should be at least 4×6 in size and in a portrait orientation.  If that is not possible, please send us what you have.

It is preferred that you email us a digital copy.  However, if you only have a hard copy, we can scan it and return it to you.

If you do not have a headshot, we will arrange to take one of you.  Please let your director know.

A bio is a 75 – 200 word description of your theater experience, and things or activities that interest you.  It may even have a message of appreciation to family members or others.

Your bio must be e-mailed in a text format that can be copied and pasted.  Do not send pictures of your bios or PDF files where you cannot copy and paste.

Please send your bio and headshot, along with your name as you wish it to appear in all media, your address, your phone number, and send it to