Crossing Delancey Characters


BUBBIE/IDA:  (80’s). A feisty, sharp-witted woman who immigrated to the United States as a young girl, and has lived ever since in the shrinking community of NYC known as the Lower East Side.  She develops a mission to see her granddaughter, Isabelle, find a mate and marry.

ISABELLE:  (Plays 29-35). “Izzy” Grossman (Bubbie’s granddaughter) is a bookish dreamer.  She is the object of Bubbie’s concern because she has not yet found true love and married.  She works in a bookstore and has a hopeless crush on the writer, Tyler.

HANNAH: (has been cast) (50’S).  A very large woman, a professional matchmaker, a wheeler-dealer.  She is a dear family friend to Ida and Isabelle.  She loves her profession as much as she loves a plentiful amount of good food.  She has been chosen by Ida to find Izzy’s true love.  She genuinely believes that Sam, the pickle man, is the perfect match for Isabelle.

TYLER: (Plays 40’s to early 50’s). A well-known writer of fiction, handsome, exceedingly charming, and quite self-involved.  Izzy fantasizes a romantic relationship with him.  He barely remembers her name.

SAM: (Plays 30’s to early 40’s).  A pickle man and poet, an inhabitant of the Lower East Side, gentle, appealing, honest, intuitive, and very wise for his years.  He proves to be the true love for Izzy that Tyler was never meant to be.  He is an extremely likeable character, and for many good reasons.


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