On the Radio

The following radio interviews took place discussing recent Coach House Players productions, events and history:
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These audio files go back several years
when the various radio stations recorded
and archived interviews.
So they are dated, but hopefully
are interesting to some.

    • “Speak Out” (June 29, 2019)
      WKNY (1490 AM and 107.9 FM)
      Host:  Shane Gallo with Vince Deluca (26 minutes)
      with Tom Tierney and Sue Regan
      discussing Ripcord.

The first link for each interview is extracted and edited from either the online radio archive or a recording provided by the radio station.
The linked file will play using your default MP3 application.  You may also download it to your computer (using your browser’s “Save target as…” or “Save link as…” function, usually found on the right-mouse-button menu).  You may then play it using MP3 application of your choice.

Interviews downloaded from online archives (like from WGHQ) also have a link to the full interview (usually about two hours) from the original source.

If you have recordings of other past interviews (MP3 or other digital format) e-mail them to dbadmin@coachhouseplayers.org
If the interview is with WGHQ (or any other station that has a digital archive), just send me the date of the interview and I should be able to link to and/or capture it.
(Note: It would not hurt to check with the station engineer to be sure the interview IS being digitally archived — sometimes their archiving server is unavailable. In that case the engineer can record it.)
If the interview will be on a station that does not have a digital archive (like WKNY), ask the station engineer to record a copy of the show before the interview takes place.

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